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RMS Queen Mary
Includes Shaped Whimsies Pieces



TITLE:     RMS Queen Mary
ARTIST:  n/a
SIZE:        10" x 14"
PIECES:   250
PRICE:     $55
MADE BY: Wentworth
DESCRIPTION:  Born amidst the uncertainties of a world-wide depression and the whisperings of another world war, the story of RMS Queen Mary is an enduring tale of man’s ability to rise above adversity and achieve a level of
creativity that captivates the imagination. The jubilant and triumphant launch of RMS Queen Mary on 26 September 1934 by Her Majesty Queen Mary signified the end of the depression that had gripped the world and the British Empire, and provided a firm re-assertion that Britannia had the finest merchant fleet in the world. For three decades thereafter, RMS Queen Mary would rule the Atlantic, surviving the perils of a world war, ultimately creating a legacy that led to her being called the stateliest liner afloat. In the end, RMS
Queen Mary remained the final say in transatlantic luxury and class, proving she was indeed, ‘a noble tribute to the imagination of man.’ Throughout her illustrious career - whether it was wrestling with the splendid Normandy for the coveted ‘Blue Riband’ or eluding wily Nazi U-boat captains whilst transporting thousands of essential allied military personnel during the second world war - RMS Queen Mary captivated the imagination and hearts of those who sailed aboard her. Elegantly capturing the artistic flair of the Art Deco period, RMS Queen Mary had a subtle grace and charm that exuded an aura of sophistication and class that would never again be duplicated. From her triumphant launch to her retirement in Long Beach, California as Hotel Queen Mary, RMS Queen Mary remains one of the most fascinating ocean liners to ever take to sea. 


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