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TITLE:    Positano
SIZE:       38" x 26"
PIECES:  2000
PRICE:    $26
MADE BY: Clementoni
DESCRIPTION:  Positano is laid at the southern feet of the Lattari Mountains, which protect it from the Northern winds. Positano enjoys, thanks to its favorable position, all the advantages of a mild, dry climate. It is surrounded by green mountains, which form a sort of crown. The origins of Positano, like those of many other towns, are lost in the mists of time, so that it is difficult to distinguish between history and legend. As it often happens in the past, myths are supplied for the lack of data: one of these myths tells us that Positano was founded by Poseidon, the god of the sea, for the sake of the nymph Pasitea, whom he loved dearly.

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