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TITLE:     Peacocks
ARTIST:  n/a
SIZE:        10" x 14"
PIECES:   250
PRICE:     $55
MADE BY: Wentworth
DESCRIPTION:  In India, it is said that peacocks walk freely and unfettered because they are the revered symbol of Lord Krishna. As a testament to this
reverence they have been named the national bird of India, the world's
largest democracy. Even outside of India, people worldwide have been captivated by the magnificent and strange beauty of this most exotic member of the Pheasant family. 

In all reality, when people talk of peacocks they are only acknowledging
the male member of the peafowl species. Females are called peahens,
and lack the enormous train of tail feathers that is their male counterparts' claim to fame. As is very common in the animal kingdom, the females are plainly colored and quite a bit smaller. 

Peafowl are divided into three main groups: The most common Indian Peafowl, the Green Peafowl, and the White Peafowl. The males of each group use their brilliant tail display, containing exactly 20 large feathers, in their manly gambit for the best mate. The fan or train, as these tail feathers are called, is supported by smaller, shorter tail feathers. The colorful tail feathers do not grow in until the
peacock is three years old, and the trains are molted yearly, usually during the summer months. 

When a peacock wants a mate, he will display his train and strut by the
nearest female, puffing out his chest and shaking his tail feathers as he
goes. During mating season, the peafowl are also very vocal, making
mewing cries that can sound like a kitten or small child. In India, the
mating season coincides with the monsoon season, and so the mewing
calls, translated to "minh-ao" by the Indians, has come to mean,
literally, "there will be rain."


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