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Mother Mountains


TITLE:    Mother Mountains
ARTIST: Schim Schimmel
SIZE:       26" x 38"
PIECES:  2000
PRICE:    $26
MADE BY: Clementoni
DESCRIPTION: William Schimmel Jr. or "Schim" as he prefers, was born in
Tucson, AZ in 1954. Like his father, Schim also taught painting for many years,
but now devotes full time to his art, which has become immensely popular
throughout the world. His training is largely concentrated on outdoor landscapes, and he developed his realistic and representational skills painting nature scenes, which eventually became the focus of his art. Schimmel's works express his feelings of the interplay of the natural universe, planet earth, its wildlife, and landforms in a surreal juxtaposition that suggests the interdependability of all. Schimmel was also the pioneer of the "eco-surrealism" school of art which is now subscribed to by many other artists. 

Two white tigers are prominently displayed in this jigsaw puzzle.

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